Comments taken from most recent evaluation feedback from parents 

"....loves days when you all go for walks to the beach etc."

"...I like the fact you go to the beach and outside."
We love going to the beach with our children too!  The main reason we don't go more often is because we need to make sure we have enough adult help to ensure high ratios when making these trips - which means volunteers!  However, we do have a fabulous garden and access to the grounds of the academy and the adjoining hotel.

"...fun and varied activities"

"..different activities - the sheer range is astonishing at times!"

"...good range of activities and understanding which toys/games/activities will appeal to individual child."
Actually, this is no accident!  Our forward planning is responsible for the variety and also targeted for individuals and different purposes. We take the development of our children very seriously, and do our best to promote it in the most effective manner.  Staff are very aware of the stages of development of their key children and activities are planned to help them progress towards the next stage - all whilst having fun of course!
"...more feedback on child's development"

"more interaction on pick up when younger"
We are passionate about our 'learning journals', which are very specific and detailed when it comes to the individual's development.  However, we can understand that parents like a face-to-face account, and we are very willing and enthusiastic to do so.  However, due to the large number of children, this can prove difficult to achieve, even with our parents' evenings. We will certainly address this issue at future staff meetings to try and identify a way of doing this more successfully.

"...open earlier so we don't have to all wait in the corridor after school drop off"

"...too much wait at the beginning of the day"

We will look at this issue and explore alternatives for this fifteen minute period.  We are aware that opening earlier may then move the problem to the end of the day when buses are arriving in preparation for collecting the academy children.  It certainly is something that we shall look at and discuss, to try and find a solution.
However, we are pleased in that we have managed to secure the corridor for our parents to wait in, rather than outside, as was previously the case.

"I have seen a huge boost in his confidence since he started"

"A.... is very happy"

"J... loves pre-school, very happy"

"...provide a friendly, welcoming and nurturing environment"

"...nurture, encouraging children to gain first life skills"

"fantastic support and integration"

The social and emotional aspect of a child's development is extremely important to us.  Children need to feel secure and cared for, if they are to develop well across other areas.

Our priority is to create an environment that promotes respect, independence and a sense of care for all.  We hope this translates to include each family member of our pre-schoool community.
"Can I come more often please!"

"...very very proud of this pre-school"
Certainly!  We are so gratified when our hard work and attention to detail is appreciated.  We are very proud of our community in return.





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